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-     My body knows how to have this baby just as my body knew how to grow this baby     -

Love Notes

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a great experience we had with The Birth Center of Jacksonville. I believe we transferred care to you during your first week of opening, and it was my sixth month of pregnancy. Our prenatal care was warm and encouraging from the moment we walked in the door. You not only took plenty of time to answer our questions at each visit, but you really made us feel like family. We had planned a home birth, but after supporting us through a long labor at home, and due to circumstances out of our control, together, we made the decision to transfer to the hospital. It was a devastating blow to the vision of our ideal birth, but you were there, holding our hands every step of the way. Though our actual birth wasn’t anything we imagined, my care was every bit as special as I had anticipated. You never left my bedside, you encouraged me and comforted me through my panic, and you were right there, huddled around us, as we welcomed our son into the world. Our sweet boy, Penn, couldn’t have been surrounded with more love. It was so nice to continue to have your gentle care as I eased into breastfeeding and motherhood, and as we settled into life as new parents. I can’t think of how we would’ve made our experience any better, and we look forward to continuing to grow our family with you. You’ll always hold a special place in our hearts and you’ll forever be a part of our story. Thanks doesn’t seem enough to express our gratitude.

– Savannah DiEugenio, mother of Patrick Penn, born April 25, 2013.

Last night was the most insane, wonderful, real, terrifying, beautiful, painful, raw and most life changing moment I have ever experienced . I DID IT, with great support and even greater love. My Eleanora was born at 12:44 pm April 11 weighing 6 pounds 14 ounces. I still can’t wrap my brain around it. Thank you for all the support and love. My birth team was everything I could have ever hoped for, and helped me achieve the birth I’ve been dreaming of for so long with all their beautiful encouraging words, I love you all. Ellie is just…. Wow. Cloud nine definitely exists.

When she finally came out, I was in such a raw state. I couldn’t hear or see anything except for her and it felt like the best dream I’d ever had. It’s real though, and amazing. Just wow.

Hope, thank you for all the love and support you’ve given me over my pregnancy and through my birth. I did it and it almost feels too amazing to be real. I am so much stronger than I knew and now I know and it is such an indescribable feeling. I’m so happy I had you and you were a part of it. I love you too, Thank you for everything.

– Cassandra N.

Shea with BabyI feel completely honored and blessed to have had Hope and Shea at my first born’s birth. The connection started long before the day I had Noah. Hope’s knowledge and experience always comforted me as a first time mom – I had many questions. Shea’s compassion and steadfast spirit always put me to ease. The moment they arrived to my house, I felt confident in their knowledge, guidance, and their heart. Shea is my blue-eyed angel and my rock. I was in active labor for 12 hours and every two minutes she was there encouraging me and helping me breathe through my contractions. At one point, she was completely soaked from leaning over the tub helping me through my contractions. She could care less! She would look into my eyes, deep into my soul and tell me that I could do this. She believed in me more than I believed in myself. She never seemed frustrated with me, nor gave up on me. Hope and Shea were not only a help to me, but to my husband as well. They were there for me in ways my husband could not be. Shea caught Noah on July 13th, 2012 at 10:40am. Noah was 9 pounds 7 ounces, 21 inches long, born in water, all natural, at our home. There’s something to be said about a woman who is willing to be there for you at the moment you need her the most. Shea was by my side during the most exhilarating and frightening moment I have even been through. It was an honor for her to be my midwife and I look forward to her catching any future Boyajian babies. Thank you Hope and Shea for doing what God has called you to do. Thanks to you, I was able to have the experience I wanted for myself and Noah. You guys also made believers out of my entire family and friends; they were amazed and impressed by you. Much Love.

– Monica B.

“Birth Center of Jax is an amazing and beautiful experience! Hope was one of my midwives for my first baby & I adore her! I heard amazing things about Shea from a few friends & fell in love with her also after my first appointment! I can’t imagine having my baby anywhere else…I’m so excited & blessed to be a patient at Birth Center of Jacksonville!! :-) ”

Christina Burgess

“As a fairly new customer to BC of Jax I have had such an AMAZING experience so far. I just know that because of the midwives and staff my birth will be perfect. My prenatal appointments begin with no wait and end with a feeling of comfort and joy. For about an hour we discuss the excitement and fears with our midwives. I look forward to the safe arrival of our little boy in the hands of Hope and Shea and hope they help us bring a few more members to our family. ”

Jessica R.

“I had an incredible experience at the birth center of jax! I loved the personal one on one care that the midwives provided! Every time I went I could tell they loved their jobs!! I will absolutely go back again!!!”

Laura kwaak

Dearest Hope,

You hold such a special spot in my heart. You’ve been with me through such intimate situations. Birth is always beautiful, but for me it wasn’t something I wanted everyone to be a part of. For me, birth is something that only a treasured few should be allowed to be brought into. In my life, you are a part of my treasured few. You’ve been there with me through some pretty horrible times (life problems) and some beyond-words-amazing times (new life!). You’ve been my counselor and therapist, my confidante, my baby’s helper, my encourager, my reassurance, and most importantly – my friend. There isn’t anyone else I’d want to be there for my family, as you fit perfectly into my birth plan. You understand my needs before I know them and you are truly what the word midwife was meant to be. Midwife – with woman – you’ve been with me through this. Not only have you been physically with me, you’ve been spiritually and mentally with me. You know the words I need when I feel like I can’t go any longer but you also know that I am stronger than I believe myself to be. Thank you for all you’ve been for my family, and all you continue to be even though my family is complete. I love the woman you are.


– Tiffany K.

I am so grateful and lucky to have had Shea’s presence throughout the entirety of my pregnancy and 18 hours of birth (plus several hours afterwards) in 2011. She was always organized and stood on top of what to do and what the next steps would be, and helped make everything feel easy. It was always such a treat getting to see her, and the care, warmth and love she gave to me during our times together made it clear to me that I had the best care and support team I could have ever dreamt of!

– Tirzah H.

Hope with BabyMy experience with Hope as my midwife was so wonderful. She has a sweet nature and I felt comfortable with her from the first time we talked. I felt very blessed to have her with me as my first-born came into the world. Her supportive energy and her complete faith in the process of birth encouraged and strengthened me. Hope was respectful of our wishes and I felt very confident in her knowledge and experience. I was not able to have Hope at the birth of my second child. All births are different and the midwife I did have was also a special lady, but I missed Hope’s presence very much. If we add to our family again I would plan for Hope to be a part of the pregnancy and birth. Thank you Hope – The Ellis family has a lot of love and respect for you.

– The Ellis Family

I have had the great honor of having Shea attend the births of both of my beautiful baby boys. Shea is a beacon of love and light and such a wonderful person to have on your team when it comes to breathing life into this world. There are so many loving adjectives that come to my mind when I think of her, and anyone who has had the privilege of having her present during labor, birth and thereafter knows exactly what I am talking about. Shea has helped me stay empowered during my births in the midst of times when I was scared and unsure of my strength. Her respect and humility in regards to birth are unquestionable. I have received unlimited and unconditional support and encouragement before, during, and after the births of my boys and for that I am eternally grateful. There is never a question that she can’t answer, a fear that she cannot quell, or a time when her positivity falters. Because of my experience with her attending the homebirth of my first baby, I was ecstatic when I found out I was pregnant again and knew she would be attending another homebirth with me. I know, without a doubt, that she is the reason my youngest made a safe entrance into my arms and with her dedication, she forever has a home in my heart. She is not only our midwife, she is a dear friend and will always be a part of our family.

– Selena Wooley

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