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Birth Assistants

Jennifer Nash, RN Jennifer Nash Bio Image

Jennifer is a native of Jacksonville, who was raised in riverside. She is a graduate of the Breckinridge School of Nursing. Her passion is helping others peacefully and happily transition though the various stages of life.

Jennifer has four sons, Sebastian (1997), Othello (2002~2004), and twins Maynard and Atreyu (2007). Her personal experiences with birth and growing together with her children has encouraged her to go down a path of helping others on their journeys from birth throughout life.

Jennifer is also an artist, photographer and coffee enthusiast! She enjoys experiencing new things,and plans to continue growing in her personal life and career. Her favorite quote to live by is: “you can’t never let anything happen to them; then nothing would ever happen to them”.

Sandy Simoneaux Sandy Simoneaux Bio Image

Sandy grew up in Jacksonville, FL. She went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University in VA. Sandy’s passion for birth began during an internship helping unwed teenage mothers while in college. After graduation and marriage she moved back to FL and completed doula training at the Florida Traditional School of Midwifery. Sandy has been a doula for 12 years and has been blessed to be a part of many beautiful births.

Sandy has been a wife to Bart for 15 years and mom to 4 children. Tanner~2004, Sydney~2007, Noah~2009 and Everett~2011. Tanner was an unmedicated hospital birth and the other 3 were born at home with a midwife. This is Sandy’s 5th year of homeschooling her children and plans to continue this until graduation.

For enjoyment, Sandy loves to be out in nature and going places she’s never been. She is also very active in her church and her friends mean the world to her. Birth assisting has always been a dream for her and she is so excited to be a part of the Birth Center of Jax family.

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